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High-Performance Low-E Insulating Glass

By Milgard Windows


Beat Summertime Heat

Summer-time relief used to mean cranking up the air conditioning. Our Solution? Milgard SunCoatMAX™ low-e insulating glass. The SunCoatMAX ™ low-e coating provides the best clarity and highest performance for all solar control low-e glass products. Superior glass shading benefits without having to sacrifice natural light flowing into your home. Milgard SunCoatMAX™ reduces solar heat gain 62.5% over ordinary single-coat low-e glass - even a 34% reduction over two-coat low-e technology -- a clear choice to improve home comfort during the long summer days.
Glass product Visible Light
Solar Heat Gain
Single-Pane Glass 90% .86
Double-Pane Glass 81% .76
Hard-coat low-e * ** 75% .72
Typical low LoE² low-e 72% .41
Gray tinted* 55% .58
SunCoatMAX™ * 65% .27
* Used as one pane in a double-pane glass unit.
** Hard coat low-e with 0.20 emittance.

Fight Winter's Heat Loss

During winter's fury, the use of Milgard SunCoatMAX™ increases the glass surface temperature at the center of each window in your home. Ordinarily, 75% of a window's exposed surface is glass, and the interior glass temperature affects your room's air temperature. SunCoatMAX™ provides a substantial 19.7% center-of-glass temperature gain over clear double-pane glass with a 20° outside temperature - a clear choice to improve home comfort.

Glass product -20° F
Outside Temp
+20° F
Outside Temp
Single-pane, clear 4° 30°
Double-pane, clear 35° 49°
Hard-coat low-e * ** 50° 58°
SunCoatMAX 52° 61°
* Used as one pane in a double-pane glass unit
** Hard-coat low e with 0.20 emittance

Fight Back UV's Costly Damage

Gain extensive UV protection by specifying Milgard's SunCoatMAX™ for your new windows and patio doors. When your sofa, rugs and flooring fade, the sun's ultraviolet rays are the #1 cause. SunCoatMAX™ offers today's superior UV protection in addition to superior energy savings.

Milgard SunCoatMAX™ low-e insulationg glass provides an incredible 95% ultraviolet light blockage! Every so often, homeowners have the chance to access truly evolutionary products to improve their home's performance. Milgard delivers on this opportunity with the introduction of Milgard SunCoatMAXlow-e insulating glass.

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